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“I have known Gurdeep since 2016 from YTT days in Dharamshala, India. He is a senior and advanced Yoga Practitioner on the YTTC, with an abundance of experience and knowledge. His open-minded approach and willingness to share his knowledge has always been inspiring. It has been fascinating to watch and learn from Gurdeep, especially how he breaks down postures to make them accessible to every Yoga practitioner, from beginner to advanced.  Also, his insights on linking postures with bandhas and breath doesn’t restrict the practice only to the physical aspect but connects the practice to the deeper spiritual side.

I always look forward to an opportunity to practice and learn more from him.”

Manju P (Warsaw, Poland/India) @manjuprithiani


“Gurdeep was my teacher and mentor when I was training to be a yoga teacher (Vinyasa flow) in Bhagsu, Dharamshala, India. From the very first lesson with Gurdeep I felt challenged, supported and inspired as a student. His gentle, yet firm approach, mixed with his professionalism and extensive knowledge, enabled me to embark on a journey of growth and discovery as a yoga practitioner. As a mentor he was direct and sightful, enabling me to masterly craft my lessons and find autonomy in my own approach. His lessons were often the highlight of my day.”

Fenella K (England, UK) @fenellakelly


“I want to let you know I had been thinking of you and the experience I had while in India, with the conversations we had and the swell of emotions I felt especially on that last day as you and everyone were leaving to fly back to England. I now understand what I felt a little bit more.

I felt love, the kind that had a depth of kindness and understanding, of seeing and supporting me as I was. Connection. It was a hard thing for me to feel and accept even though it’s what I have sought to feel and be a part of yet didn’t feel I could have or deserve. For that experience of love and being connected in presence I want to thank you. 🙏”

Larry B (Canada) @larryburcher


“Gurdeep is an experienced and wonderful yoga teacher. His style of teaching is challenging, strong and very focused. With special attention on alignment. He helped me greatly with managing a problem of hyperextension in my elbow joints within my yoga practice. For which I’m very grateful. I would definitely recommend Gurdeep if you’re looking for a teacher that can help you improve your practice in a fun refreshing way.”

Joyce E (Netherlands)


“Gurdeep is a yoga teacher with a very clear explanation of postures. His approach is supportive, challenging and he teaches with lots of enthusiasm. I’m working as a physiotherapist and from that perspective I could really tell he has a lot of knowledge about shape and alignment.”

Jaron  (Netherlands)


“I was lucky that I got a chance to practice yoga under Gurdeep in the Himalayas. Gurdeep is very detailed and professional in his teachings . What a wonderful person he is and I definitely recommend him.”

Dillip M (Netherlands/India)


“Gurdeep was one of the teachers during my 200 hr YTT. He was knowledgeable, precise with instructions and very dedicated as both a teacher and a practitioner. He went deep into the subject matter, which helped the students greatly.”

Hema L (UAE) @flamingoyogaandwellness


“It was the best experience to have someone like Gurdeep Ji , as my teacher, during my YTT course in Dharamshala, about 5 years ago, at Mahi Yoga School. He has immense knowledge on the subject, is kind and amazing power to share the knowledge. It was a pleasure to learn yoga under his guidance, his amazing powerful vinyasa classes, I still remember. I can highly recommend you to take teaching from him, if you want to understand the subject and do good in your own journey.”


Manav S. (India) @pranayogaindia


“Gurdeep taught classes in the YTTC training I undertook in India in 2016. His lessons were always thoughtfully and professionally assembled and built, and Gurdeep was a patient and precise teacher. I would love to practice yoga with him again and keep a very warm memory of our practices.”

Charlotte S. (Belgium) @choutyfruity


“I took a trip to India as part of 5 months travelling and as I am a personal trainer I decided I would do some teacher training to further my experience in the gym. I had very little yoga experience but went in with an open mind. This is where I met Gurdeep who also had a gym background and could offer me much guidance as to how I could take my teachings into a gym environment without losing the spiritual side of things. On this journey Gurdeep became more of a friend and completely changed my mindset that yoga wasn’t for the “gym going man” to having the understanding as to why it’s so important to implement yoga into your gym or personal training routine. I am very grateful for this experience.

Kia Ora”

Krugir A. (New Zealand) @_krugir_


“I took a life changing trip to India in 2017. Where I did my 200hr teacher training with Gurdeep as one of our instructors on the course. I found Gurdeep’s teachings rather refreshing. He created a very personal experience and took time to work with us all individually so we could focus on our own goals and personal achievements. I would highly recommend training with Gurdeep as  he has so much knowledge to pass down and will guide you every step of the way on your yoga journey. Gurdeep still to this day checks in and keeps up on how we are going. A very beautiful human.


Kim S. (Australia, via UK, via Ireland)

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