Both a practice and tradition as old and well measured as Yoga will comes with certain observances. When you come to visit and practice with us here at Deep Yoga we ask that you both respect and follow these forgiving and subtle habits. If we all try to follow this path, then both your experience and that of the kindred souls you share our space with will all radiate in the love and power that practicing yoga brings.


We know it’s not always easy but try to arrive 15 mins before the class starts, 20 mins if you are new to the studio. Try not to be last minute for everything, arriving, changing and putting your mat down.

Please inform the Yoga teacher of any injuries, limitations or medical conditions (including pregnancy, suspected pregnancy, recent childbirth, or surgery) before the class starts. This is really important as it helps the teacher know how to keep you safe during your practice.

Many teachers like to give gentle (or sometimes more intense) assists in class, like guiding you deeper into a pose or shifting your position to correct misalignment. If you’re sore, injured or just don’t feel like being touched, tell your teacher before class begins. If you use a consent chip, then place it at the front of your mat.

All classes start on time, and you should not try and enter a class after that time, unless the teacher is aware you could be up to 5 mins late. Any later, then respect the class participants and do a later class or come another day.

Unless you are attending a Mysore style Ashtanga class plan your time to not have to leave before the end of the class. If, in exceptional circumstances you do need to leave early, then inform the teacher at the start of the class and place your mat near the door to minimise disruption when you leave. Leave prior to the Savasana phase of the practice, being mindful of your fellow yogis.

Plan your day so you are able to leave a minimum of 2 hours (ideally 3 hours) after eating before you practice. This does not apply to those who are pregnant, but be thoughtful and adapt your practice to accommodate. Always stay well hydrated.

The shala is a barefoot space, and shoes must be removed before entering that space.

Once you enter the shala have deference for the space and those in it by refraining from idle chatter. If you are early, we encourage you to start your own practice by lying calmly in Savasana with your eyes closed. Leave the outside world behind and bathe in the tranquillity. Be aware and respectful of those seeking stillness. If you want to gently warm up, then stretch in silence, be humble.

To accommodate busy classes the mats may be placed closer together. The Yoga teacher will factor in available space in the asana sequence taught. If you feel uncomfortable being in close proximity of your fellow student, then book a class that is less busy.

If you see a last-minute straggler enter the shala, be neighbourly by making room for them, if it’s available.

In a less busy classes, it’s common courtesy to stagger your mats so that the person behind you has an easier view of the teacher or mirror.

Mind your steps, and try to avoid walking on a fellow yogi’s mat.

Please think of the whole studio as a space where you can be yourself, calm and at peace. This will be so much easier if we all respect the space and those in it. Do your bit to keep the studio and shala clean, tidy and tranquil.

Place your belongings in a locker, and remember to take everything home with you when you leave.

Try to have simplicity to your asana practice and take only what you really need into the shala.

If you used one of our mats then spray and wipe the mat down with the tea tree / lavender mix spray provided (also feel free to spray your own mats, especially if you store it at the studio. After cleaning roll your mat up and take to the storage area outside the shala. Mats are not left in the shala for the next class. Deep Yoga staff will place fresh mats out for the next class.

Put any props used away neatly.

For hot classes  still spray and wipe your mat, but leave them in the shala. Deep Yoga staff will remove them to be sanitised.

As a general tenet leave all the spaces you use as you found them.

Yoga is first and foremost a personal journey for us all, so leave ego out of it. The shala is not there for you to show off. You are there for yourself, not to show others how good you are at balancing on your hands. You will never be judged during your practice, but try to ensure your own intentions are for the right reasons. You alone will know why you do something.

Take the time to balance your chakras. Think of the studio as a space to be both humble and introspective. Be gentle and respectful in your communication. Mind your mood, and refrain from gossip, complaining, and displaying negative attitudes. We all do Yoga for our own wellbeing and your fellow student are in the studio for reasons you know nothing about. Simply be kind, gentle and respect others.

Be mindful of your personal hygiene.

Bathe, brush your teeth, wash your hair, and use a clean mat and towel. Keep nails short, so they do not dig into the mat, or restrict your asana practice, such as holding locks and using a mudra.

Wear freshly laundered clothes, avoiding scented conditioner.

Avoid wearing heavy/strong scents, either perfumes or oils.

We hope that YOU will not want to bring your phone into the shala. However, if you must (on call, or just have to read that “do or die” text), then please have your phone on both no vibration and silent. To respect others, place your mat near the door, so if you have to take the call/text, when you leave the shala, there is minimal disruption to others. Seriously, if you can’t put the phone down for the duration of your class, then consider skipping the class altogether, and returning when you can fully focus.

Your practice is not a fashion show! Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Other wear tight stretchy leggings and tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear what feels comfortable, that you can easily move and practice in.

The Deep Yoga studio is meant to be a space that radiates an aura and ambience of tranquil calmness. With respect we would appreciate that do not bring any foods or drink that are considered tamasic, especially meat, fish or alcohol into the studio space. Similarly, drugs such as marijuana, vaping chemicals and tobacco should also be left at home.

Deep Yoga is a Drug, Alcohol and Meat Free Zone