Hatha Yoga

We are a community studio based in Nottingham, with s strong emphasis in teaching the fundamentals and traditions of Hatha Yoga. In the main we adhere to Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga (or iterations of the same theme).

Our classes

We run around XX Yoga classes a week in a range of styles, for a variety of levels. The majority of classes can be physically demanding styles such as Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow, however, we also offer slower classes, beginners classes, pre and post-natal classes and some classes suitable for children. We hold regular Yoga workshops and courses. We are fortunate to attract Yoga teachers, who are established, knowledgeable, inspirational and supportive.

We offer classes suitable for all levels and ages and we invite you to practice yoga with us and join our community.

Our community

Yoga supports people to live lives centred around who they are and to live happily with themselves and those around them. Yoga is a life-long physical practice that gives people greater health, fitness, body-awareness and wellbeing.

Deep Yoga is an environment where everyone feels comfortable to explore and develop their Yoga practice. We are a friendly and informal community, and are fortunate in attracting a range of people who attend the studio from advanced students, teachers with 20 years practice and people who have never done a yoga class before. The common theme is that EVERYONE is treated the same irrespective of experience, age or background.

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