When starting something new, or going to a new place, you’ll have a few questions. We’ve done our best to answer many of the most frequently asked questions. It’s a long list! If at the end of it all if you still need help, then just touch base and we’ll try our hardest to help.


What is Yoga?

Yoga is a holistic practice originating in India over 2500 years ago, and despite its ancient roots, Yoga could not be more relevant today. It is a powerful and transformative practice that allows us to feel more at home and at ease in our bodies, encouraging us to have a greater sense of mental clarity and wellbeing.

What are the benefits of practicing Yoga?

Calming the mind is a major aspect of the practice, and comes with time. The physical benefits include increased flexibility, strength and stamina, and feeling at home in the body. As you grow to experience greater ease in your physical body, you will find it easier to sit comfortably for longer, thus enabling you to delve deeper into meditation so that you can begin to experience stillness of the mind.

I’ve never done Yoga before. Is this for me?

Yes! All Yoga requires you to believe in is yourself. We have dedicated beginners classes, as well as classes for all levels. Yoga is non-competitive and open to everyone: young or old, flexible or stiff, athletic or deskbound.

Can men, women and non-binary come to class?

Yes! Our classes are suitable for all humans. We run regular gender specific and non-specific free taster classes. Check the timetable section above for details. If you have concerns, contact us at general@deepyoga.co.uk or visit the studio.

How do I know which style and level of class to choose?

Check the descriptions for Class Styles and Class Levels above. We offer classes in most of the major contemporary posture based styles, for students of all levels of experience.

Do you have Yoga mats and props I can use?

Yes! We have a selection of Lululemon, Manduka, Alo, Warrior Addict and Liforme non-slip mats and props that you are welcome to use during your visit to the studio. All mats and props are sanitised after each use. Warrior Addict and Lululemon mats are available to buy. We encourage regular class attendees to have their own mat. We provide space for storage for members mats, who attend 3 or more classes per week. All mats must be clearly labelled to identify the owner. Mats must be taken home at least once a week. Unlabelled and abandoned mats will be humanely sacrificed to the Mat God during monthly culls….

Is Yoga a religion?

No! Yoga is not a religion and does not require you to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs. However, it will help bring calmness and clarity to how you think about life, how you behave with others and your environment. Most classes provide a healthy balance between philosophy and asana (Yoga postures) and it is up to the individual as to whether they find the philosophy interesting and take it on board.

Will I have to Chant?

No! Chanting may be a feature of some classes, but you do not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

What should I wear?

Your practice is not a fashion show! Some people wear baggy, loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. Other wear tight stretchy leggings and tops. The only thing that matters is that you wear what feels comfortable, that you can easily move and stretch in. Layering is a good option, so clothes can be removed as you get hot. You may want to have something (jumper and socks) at hand, to keep you warm when you slow down, in relaxation. We recommend supportive sports wear such as sports bra, and it’s always good to check the sheer of your leggings. All classes are barefoot, and shoes are not allowed in the Shala. If you need general advice we’re happy to help. If you need specific help then chat to Daneesha, our resident Yoga apparel expert.

Can I eat before class?

We recommend that you leave a minimum of 2 hours (ideally 3 hours) after eating before you practice. This does not apply to those who are pregnant, but be mindful and adapt your practice to accommodate. ALWAYS stay well hydrated, especially prior and during heated classes. Although fruit juice can be OK if you need a quick energy boost beforehand. VERY much a personal choice, but we suggest ONLY if you are fully hydrated then avoid drinking during class. We strongly stress this is only a suggestion, with no pressure or judgement, it is a personal choice.

I’m under 18 years old, can I come to class?

If you are between 16–18 years of age and would like to come to any classes/workshops, you need to be accompanied by a guardian. In exceptional circumstances children under 16 can attend adult classes, but MUST be accompanied by either a guardian. Deep Yoga must also be informed at least 48 hours prior, to determine if the Yoga teacher is comfortable to have a youngster attend their class. They may wish to talk to the parent/guardian.

Do you have classes for children?

Yes! We have regular classes for children/teens. Please check the timetable for more details. If none appear on the timetable please reach out to general@deepyoga.co.uk for an update.

What if I have an injury or medical condition?

Please inform the Yoga teacher of any injuries, limitations or medical conditions (including pregnancy, suspected pregnancy, recent childbirth, or surgery) before the class starts. This is really important as it helps the teacher know how to assist you, give you modifications, and keep you safe. We  at Deep Yoga, and all our teachers, reserve the right to ask you not to participate in a class, if we feel that it would be inappropriate because of an injury or medical condition. If you are uncertain about whether or not Yoga is suitable for you, please consult your GP/specialist doctor.

I am pregnant. Can I practise Yoga?

We advise you not to practise Yoga in your first trimester (12 weeks) whilst your body is adapting to change. From your second trimester onwards, we encourage you, with the approval of your medical advisor, to attend specifically advertised Pregnancy Yoga classes. Intermediate and beyond students can attend general classes from the second trimester at the discretion of the teacher and with the prior approval of your your GP/specialist doctor.

Are you open every day?

Yes! We don’t sleep much, so teach multiple classes every day of the week. Check out the timetable above to view the schedule for the upcoming month.

Can I book a class in advance?

Yes! You can book up to a month in advance, if you purchase any of our packages or membership. We offer pre-booking for all our scheduled classes. You can book through our website or on the MINDBODY app. We recommend booking ahead if possible, particularly for evening classes when it is generally busier. If you are unable to pre-book your class online, there may still be drop in spaces available. Call us at 07860535700 for availability.

How much time should I allow before class?

Please arrive at least 15 mins before your class is due to start, allowing yourself time to check in, change and settle for class. If you have pre-booked a class and we have other students waiting, then we may give away your spot if you don’t check in 5 minutes before class. If you are new to Deep Yoga please informs us prior if possible, by calling ahead and arrive 20 mins before the class start time, so you have time to register and complete your PAR-Q. No completed registration and PAR-Q, No Class!

Can I just show up?

Yes! But we recommend booking/calling ahead of time to secure your space. If there is available space at the start of the class, we will accommodate drop ins. We only accept card transactions at Deep Yoga. If you are new to Deep Yoga please informs us prior if possible, by calling ahead and arrive 20 mins before the class start time, so you have time to register and complete your PAR-Q. No completed registration and PAR-Q, No Class!

What if I’m running late?

Whilst we encourage you to arrive in good time for your class, we do understand that life sometimes happens and therefore allow a 5 mins grace period for latecomers if there is no one on the waitlist. You MUST call/text the studio/teacher 15-20 mins prior to your class starting and tell them you are running late, otherwise you may both lose your space to a drop in, and/or find the doors locked. You will still be charged for the class. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you missed the class because asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock, struck Market Square!

What’s your class cancellation policy?

Need to cancel your class, not a problem? We have a 4 hour cancellation policy for our classes. Any cancellations within the 4 hour window before a class is considered a late cancel or no-shows and you will be charged for the class. The ONLY two exception to this rule are if you:

1. Missed cancelling the class because asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock, struck Market Square!

2. Cancellation is permitted where a student is not able to participate for medical reasons. In certain circumstances, a doctor’s note confirming that the student is not permitted to participate may be required and upon receipt, a refund will be processed.

My class pass is about to expire, can I extend it?

Yes! Our passes have no expiration date but due to the limitations of the MINDBODY platform we have to apply an expiration date, we have it set to 999 months, if in 83 years time you would like to extend your pass. Please reach out, our grandchildren will be happy to accommodate. We’re in this for the long run!

I’m going away, do you freeze accounts?

Yes! Monthly or the Annual memberships  can be frozen for a maximum of one week. Monthly passes (6 or 12 month) can be frozen for a maximum of three consecutive weeks. Freeze requests must be emailed to Deep Yoga no later than 14 days in advance of the requested start date. Sorry, we do not freeze class packs. There is a £10 administration fee per freeze. Should you require an exceptional freeze, a doctor’s note or proof of circumstance will be required. Asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock, striking Market Square will be acceptable.

What’s your workshop, course or event cancellation policy?

Need to cancel your participation in a workshop, course or event, not a problem? We have a 7 day cancellation policy.

b Any cancellations after this time will not be eligible to a refund unless the space/ticket can be re-sold, with a £5 (if ticket value is less than £20) or £10 (if ticket value is greater than £20) administration fee applied.

Any no-shows will not be eligible for a refund. The ONLY two exception to this rule are if you:

  1. Was a no-show because asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock, struck Market Square!
  2. Failed to cancel or was a no-show for medical reasons. In certain circumstances, a doctor’s note confirming that the student was unable to attend or participate will be required and upon receipt, a refund will be processed.
What’s your teacher training cancellation policy?

A minimum of 28 days notice prior to the start of any training program course is required for a full deposit refund, with a £10 administration fee. Cancellation within 27 days of the start of a training program will result in no deposit refund, unless the position can be filled. Then a £10 administration fee will be applied, prior to the refund.

Medical Cancellation – Cancellation is permitted where a student is not able to participate for medical reasons. In certain circumstances, a doctor’s note confirming that the student is not permitted to participate will be required and upon receipt, a refund will be processed.

Do You Offer a Student/Senior Discount?

Yes! We have concessionary rates for students, low income, key workers, corporate and community classes. Please check out the Pricing page and pick the deal that works best for you. If you need help, just touch base and we’ll walk you through it all, so you can make an informed decision. Remember, you will have to prove your eligibility for any discounts offered.

Are there changing facilities?

Yes! We have changing facilities and a bathroom

Where can I leave my bag and valuables?

Secure Lockers are available, but we encourage you to arrive “light”. If you are concerned about your valuables then bring them into the Shala, making sure they are out of the way, but visible to you (behind the teachers mat at the front is an option). Unfortunately, Deep Yoga  is neither responsible or liable for any loss or damage to items during your class, whether or not in a locker. Ideally leave valuables at home. Items left in Lost Property for longer than one month will be donated to charity.

Are mobile phones allowed into classes?

We hope that YOU will not want to bring your phone into the shala. However, if you must (on call, or just have to read that “do or die” text), then please have your phone on both no vibration and silent. To respect others, place your mat near the door, so if you have to take the call, when you leave the shala, there is minimal disruption to others.

Do you have guest wi-fi?

No! Deep Yoga is a space where we hope you can refrain from using phones, tablets or laptops. A space for you to disconnect digitally and reconnect in a more authentic way. An opportunity to go off-line and unwind! That is the hope, but off course what you do with your own data is your choice.

Do you do hot Yoga at the studio?

Yes! Some classes are Hot Yoga, both Hatha and Vinyasa. Check the timetable for details, If you are unsure what these classes are like, then just ask and we’ll explain.

Can I give you feedback?

Absolutely! We would love to hear about your thoughts and recieve constructive feedback. If we are doing well in your eyes that’s great news, but if we didn’t meet your expectation, then we really need to hear from you. So we can keep continually evolving and developing Deep Yoga as a hub of wellness for our community. Your input is invaluable, please chat, email, text, fill in a comments form, or use social media platforms to tell us how we are doing.

Do you offer private Yoga tuition?

Yes! Established and experienced Yoga teachers are able to teach 1-2-1 and very small group classes. Feel free to chat to Gurdeep, if you aren’t sure what / who is best suited for you, or if you already know what you want and with who, then touch base with your favourite teacher and have that informal, no obligation chat.

Do you do Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes! You can click here for all the details!

Working at Deep Yoga?

First, thanks for considering us, We welcome Yoga teachers, student Yoga teachers, front of house and  interns to make either an informal / formal enquiry in writing / email to Gurdeep, at Deep Yoga (please include a resume/CV).

Is there an etiquette guide?

Yes, there is a Deep Yoga etiquette guide. This on display in the studio and can be read here.

What is Deep Yoga’s Privacy Policy?

Check it out here.

What are Deep Yoga’s Terms and Conditions?

Check ’em out here.

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