About Us

Our School

Deep Yoga was founded by Dr Gurdeep Singh Athwal in early 2018, after many years of thinking about how to give back and spread the knowledge of Yoga to the masses, whilst respecting the ancient traditions, but embracing evolution. Thus, this strong classical background in the teachings and philosophies of Yoga has led to this juncture. This desire to have a place that everyone is welcomed to practice Yoga as they see fit for themselves, or perhaps begin their journey has meant the creation of Deep Yoga. A simple desire to maintain the highest standards and ethics of teaching, in a space providing fun, invigorating and challenging experiences in which anyone, beginner or expert, can all share.

Our Values

Yoga is a way of Living

A path upon which anyone can travel, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, size, fitness or lifestyle.

We Try our Best to Excel

All our teachers are experienced professionals, but always remain students themselves.

Uphold the Traditions of Yoga

Authenticity is at the heart of our being and culture here at Deep Yoga. We all are conscious of the role a Yoga teacher can play in peoples lives, especially in times of need, hence we live by the values we encourage in others.

Building a Community

The studio is an anchor for yoga and wellbeing. A opportunity to spend time with other like minded souls. Maybe go on to be a teacher.

Selfless Service

We believe in always being good to others. Be selfless. Mentally remove everything and be free. This is divine life. This is the way to Moksha or salvation.

Why Deep Yoga?

The Enso is a Zen Buddhism symbol, and is usually drawn as one or two uninhibited brush stroke to create a circle, which we all view differently. It may symbolise STRENGTH, ELEGANCE, THE UNIVERSE and ENLIGHTENMENT. For us all it is characterised by the simplicity of minimalism.

The circle is incomplete, metaphorically allowing for movement and development and symbolically representing the beauty of imperfection.

WHY ARE WE CALLED DEEP? Deep is the Sanskrit for light, with which the Guru (teacher) can see clearly. In English, the meaning can be just as profound. Deep can be having a greater understanding than the simple superficial. Going beyond the surface, and becoming immersed in your understanding and comprehension of what Yoga is for you and others. Think DEEP.

The mission of Deep Yoga is to support and nurture each and every soul we come into contact with. We aim to make a difference in people’s lives. As a yoga studio and community, the common thread is transformation, illumination, awakening the mind, and accessing the unlimited power within us all, both on and off the mat.

All of our teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles. We encourage you to try classes with us all to help bring out the best in you and your practice.

Expect a warm welcome, passionate people and heart-opening yoga!